New Life

I’m writing this new entry in the rocking chair while Finis is asleep on me…from Wetumpka, Alabama. We said goodby to our sweet home in Knoxville on September 1st and made it here after closing on our house. It took us one day with two kids and a huge moving truck.

Why would we move to this small town just north of Montgomery? Opportunity and a chance for a better life.

Calvin and I both worked for non-profit organizations with a collective experience of twenty years. As rewarding as the work was to help preserve our local history at Mabry-Hazen House and Marble Springs State Historic site, the reality was that our path there wasn’t sustainable. Calvin worked a second position with the local tourism bureau as a contract employee. Things became tenuous with that position, so the search began for a new career path. We were heading in this direction for other reasons, namely the uncertainly over insurance. Then, Calvin was approached by a colleague in the Alabama Historical Commission who is ready to retire and he wanted Calvin to take his position at Confederate Memorial Park. This was going to be a state job with benefits and resources we never had in Knoxville. After much discussion and additional interviews, we knew this was the best fit for our family.

We’ve been here for almost two months and now that we’ve settled into Alabama life, and I’m a part-time work out of the home mom, I can finally say that it’s been a long time since I’ve been happy. I’m feeling it in my heart that this is the best place for us.

Our life was stressful, uncertain, and we were stretched thin. The kids noticed this, too. I felt that Quinn and I had a disconnect in our relationship and this transition has allowed us to bond. It’s been delightful to see the boys fall in love, and to see them grow and develop. Today my days are filled with activities, long walks, home care responsibilities that Quinn participates in, art, reading, and whatever else we decide to do with the day. We have our challenges, of course, but we work through them.

I’m returning back to my yarn, too. After I complete a WIP (work in progress for my non-knitting friends) that’s been ongoing for two years, I’ll start making inventory to sell locally and online. I’m so excited to do something I love as my creative outlet.

I’ll have more updates, but wanted to check in and say howdy. It’s been rather hectic, but I hope to be more present here in the future.

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