Challenges Knit and Small

Life is lifey right now and that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. We are renovating a 1940 minimal traditional style house while renting another. This means that I’m primary caregiver while Calvin works at the house and his daytime job. I love having the privilege and opportunity to be with the boys, however it’s been pretty intense these past months.

My mother in law, Cathy, recently asked if I could go anywhere given a weekend by myself, where would that be? I told her a fiber festival. Whether here in the States or across the pond to Shetland Wool Week, the idea of staying at a quaint cabin at night and diving into yarn by day sounds divine. A gal can dream.

How do I take care of myself with limited alone time? With lots of lavender oil and yarn. Right now I’m soaking in as much as I can to further my yarn and knit education. I mentioned a branding and shawl challenge a couple of posts ago. This week I participated in the Initiate Knit Design challenge with Aroha Knits.

I usually modify the patterns I use, some turn out successfully and others not so much (my two sized fingerless-mitts come to mind). This challenge helped me understand how to design patterns from inspiration to written pattern. It helped me get outside my comfort zone and be vulnerable by posting these steps on social media.

I still need to flesh it out and finish writing the pattern, but I’m really excited that I did this challenge and saw something through. My personal challenge through this is having to reach deadlines while parenting. There’s always a part of me that feels like I’m neglecting the kids while I’m tossing Cheerios at them so that I can work on the project.

My Initiate Knit Design draft and swatch.My Initiate Knit Design swatch and pattern math.

This is the aftermath of one of the craziest days. Don’t judge, I’m keeping it real here. Finis is getting into EVERYTHING. If it’s in a box or cabinet it must come out, usually on the floor.

How do entrepreneurs do this? Especially “Mompreneurs” who have littles at home and deadlines to meet? If you are one of these, please comment with any tips or resources. I try to work during nap-time and bedtime, but an 18 month old and four year old still require so much.

Completed Projects

I recently competed a lacy spring kerchief for my shop, Grassroots Yarn. The pattern is by the Mouse Army Mitten Co. I used Cascade Yarns Venezia Sport merino silk. It’s wonderfully soft, light, and has the perfect drape. You can also see my new fabric labels! I bought these for accessories that can’t handle a heavy wood label, which I have arriving soon.

Labels by Mommie Made It Etsy shop. Feels great to support a mom run business.

Wood laser engraved product tags by Etsy shop Tree Town Paper.

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